If research is in the fabric of your gig, then TheG2 is a great fit.

Recruiting. Journalism. Sales. Marketing. Investing.

When you know exactly what to do, research is research is research.

Deep, comprehensive curriculum makes good researchers great.

Special features make it easy to watch this happen.

Massive oRiginal Content

Over 10 years in the making, TheG2 has everything you need to become a research star. Endless hours of material, constantly expanding with new additions. Carefully organized. Easy to follow.

Learner Community

Interactive community to field questions or expand on topics. Achievements to mark the way, alongside certification upon completion. New community features under development.

Examples. Examples. Examples.

Case studies. Sample project materials. Project plan templates. Real project histories illustrate concepts. Extensive dialogue transcript samples demonstrate all interview and elicitation tactics.

measurable progress

Optional quizzes and reviews encourage information retention. Revisit any quiz or question, track progress. Retake entire sections until you are certain you know it all.

Real world applications

All methods are designed for “real world” use, not theory. Everything anchors to industry and everyday research challenges. It is information and know-how that will change the way you do your research.

Group and Team Features

TheG2 offers simple group registration. Register your team under one account for administration, and then grant access to members. More group features are coming.


The end-game in business research is always information asymmetry. That is, knowing more or having better information than everybody else, or somebody else in particular.

Nobody wins when everybody works with the same information.

Research resources and tools have come a long way since my days in Fidelity Investment’s legendary equity research library. Every subject imaginable maps to some association, website, newsletter, conference, database, mobile app, social media presence – and that doesn’t even include the countless tools that automate information collection.

→ You’ve probably made incredible progress with those resources, including some amazing “sourcing” or “internet research” training. Unfortunately, your competitors have access to the same exact assets.

Have you considered what it means to have no unique information advantage?

Access to unpublished, difficult-to-get information direct from the mouths of human sources distinguishes high-performance research. 

The value of this proprietary information creates a foundation for a real and sustainable competitive advantage. 

TheG2 is how you learn to unpack the “human capital” puzzle pieces from the box, make sense of them, and solve for questions. 

TheG2 has roots in serious project work.

Over 20 years consulting to the world’s most formidable organizations.

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