Is your research training fully baked?

Learn to get information | about | around | from | through | people.

Amazing training content.

This is unreal. I love it. It gives me an entirely new way to think about business research that goes way beyond what “sourcers” are doing.
Mark L.
Corporate Recruiter

Beyond what school teaches.

I studied journalism, and we spent a lot of time on interviewing sources. TheG2 is like a level above all that. I keep re-reading the interviewing and elicitation lessons.
Alan K.
Investigative Reporter

Already closed new clients!

The material in TheG2 still blows me away. I’ve been using descriptions of methods in my pitches and already landed two new clients!
Allison M.
Research Analyst

What does TheG2 offer?

Unrivaled original content and training material that teaches researchers how to understand organizations and markets, the people within them, and how to get valuable information about, around, from, and through those people.

TheG2 vs. Research “Academies”

Learning with TheG2 offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional research “academies” or training “institutes.” Here’s a handful of the big ones:


TheG2 Learner Edition is only $x. Research “academies” and training “institutes” start around $5K and many are over $12k. These prices continue to rise every year.


We’ve already trained thousands of learners over the years. Our inside knowledge of what works helps remove the risk of you choosing the wrong training. Academies and institutes are an expensive gamble because much of their content is theoretical and not useful “on the job.”

Time UNtil results

TheG2 material is actionable for students within days because of the modular structure and lesson size. Research academies and training institutes require months or years in classrooms.

time Commitment (and convenience)

TheG2 is self-paced. You decide how much time to invest, and short lesson structure makes it a breeze to pick up wherever you left off. You can also take the lessons from anywhere, including on your phone. Academies and institutes often involve extensive travel to classroom locations, and you must adhere to their calendars. 

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